16 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Apartment Look Better
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Let's be frank: there are not perfectly organized apartments able to always look as new, and most of us face daily problems with storing thins and a bad layout, for example, lost keys, tangled wires, or walls that need urgent repairs. We have put together a list of 16 life hacks, which will help you deal with these problems once and for all.

1) Paint the radiator

The heating system doesn’t look new, but you’re not ready to change it yet? Paint it the same color as the walls or, conversely, in a bright contrasting shade to make your apartment look a bit better.

2) Find a new box for Christmas balls

We use Christmas-tree toys for many years, which means it's worth taking care of a box for storing them. Balls can be stored in a flat box left from some furniture from IKEA, covered with packing or parchment paper.

3) Use walls for storing stuff

Tired of your small kitchen being lettered with different things? Use the walls to store kitchen utensils. All the pots and colanders will fit great on a wire stand.

4) Hang high boots

Here’s a little advice for freeing up some space in a small hallway: don’t clutter up the floor space. Better hang high boots inside the cabinet on the large clerical clothespins. Be sure to check that these clothespins are soft inside, so as not to deform the shoes.

5) Keep spices under the furniture

There’s no place for shelves, tables, and chests of drawers in the kitchen? Use the space under the furniture to store spices: glue the caps to the bottom of the cabinet so that the jar was easy to unscrew.

6) Hide the extension cable in the bedside table

The drawer of the bedside table is not only suitable for storing small things: if you remove the back wall, you can hide the extension cable in it and forget about the wires scattered on the floor. And you can charge the phone by putting it in the same place.

7) Decorate the wires

Wires that can’t be hidden can be painted to match the color of the walls and decorated with colorful decorative clips.

8) Leave notes on the fridge door

You don’t need to buy a special chalk board to leave notes in the kitchen: you can paint the refrigerator with a special paint.

9) Hang a magnetic strip for small stuff in the bathroom

Tired of losing small metal objects like manicure scissors, nail files, and tweezers? Collect them on a magnetic strip on the wall and don’t waste any more time searching for them.

10) Store keys and glasses on the cord

There is no place to put a chest of drawers for different trifles in the hallway, and you always have to look for glasses and keys in the apartment? A simple suspension with a cord will solve the problem.

11) Store sewing threads in the cans

If you enjoy sewing something, the colored sewing threads can be stored in glass jars. Glue something soft on the jars’ lids for needles and pins.

12) Make a world map on the wall

Tired of an empty bright wall in the room? We know the easy way to update the interior - just cut out the silhouettes of the continents out of old newspapers and hang them on it.

13) Print photos from Instagram

If nature hasn’t gifted you with the talent of an artist or photographer, print out and hang your photos from Instagram on the wall. Thanks to the same form, they will be easy to group, so you can always recall pleasant moments from your life.

14) Hang the curtain over the bed

Wallpapers on the head of the bed need to be changed, but you aren’t ready for a big repair yet? Hang a curtain to cover them up.

15) Don’t throw away old magazines

From the magazines you read, you can make a stylish and convenient ottoman - just tile the magazines with an old belt and put the pillow on top.

16) Hide the modem

Modems and routers often stand out among other stuff in the room. If this is just your case, hide the devices in the photo album cover.

Thanks to our friends from amur date for providing this article.

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