40TH Anniversary Interchangeably 41ST Raising Day Celebration By Indian Coast Guard
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About Indian Coast Guard.
  • Headquarters: Delhi.
  • Presided by Director General Indian Coast Guard.
  • Under Ministry of Defence.
  • Maritime zones of Coast guards are divided into five regions -North-West, West, East, North-East and Andaman & Nicobar.
  • Any jurisdiction enforced under Exclusive Economic Zone.

The Indian Coast Guard marks its 40th Anniversary on 01 Feb 17.

Started with just 7 ships in 1978, the service has grown into a redoubtable force with 42 stations and 126 ships, 62 aircraft in its inventory.

The Coast Guard is likely to have an inventory of 150 ships and 100 aircraft by the end of this decade.

A brief history: A separate marine force other than Indian Navy was needed to deal with smuggling activities and as recommended by Nag committee in 1970 Indian Coast Guard was created.

In 1972, United Nation Convention on Law of Seas awarded Exclusive Economic Zones to coastal states, following which India enacted Maritime Zones of India Act 1976 to claim it.

After discovery of commercial oil assets in 1974 in Arabian Sea, Rustamji committee was appointed to suggest means to curb increased piracy and smuggling in these areas.

Rustam Ji Committee too recommended the creation of ‘Coast Guard’ for superintendence and policing of our seas.

Finally Coast guard came into existence under the Indian Coast Guard Act 1978.

Functions it needs to perform:


  • Safeguarding artificial islands and offshore terminals in and around India.
  • Protection of Fishermen by giving assistance to fishermen in distress at sea.
  • Prevention and maintaining marine environment like reducing marine pollution.
  • Providing assistance to custom officials in prevention of smuggling operations.
  • Coast guard ships are also involved in collection of scientific data.
  • Enforcing maritime laws and national/international conventions related to it along with the Indian Navy.

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