A Brief Understanding Of Ukrainian Crisis
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The existing identity crisis of Ukraine has now becoming epicenter of war of words about the sovereignty, Democracy, Legitimacy and Freedom. The western finds Russia excessive interference in the internal crises of Ukraine while Russia apprehends its decisions as it finds its duty to safeguard the pro-Russian community in the Ukraine, which is majority in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, In order to understand the complete scenario in a balanced way we need to go below subheadings:

Geographical Location Of Ukraine: Ukraine is sandwiched between Russia and European Union. Historically, Ukraine never existed as independent as free community ever in past. In Initial phase it was dominated Polish community of Poland which is very close to European Union. Then in next phase Austrian- Hungarian Empire dominated the country and finally was under the influence of Soviet Union till 1990.

Ukraine Demography: The demography of Ukraine is divided into two major groups. The eastern half of Ukraine population is ethically and culturally close to Russia where as the western half is ethically and culturally closed to that of European Union.

Impact of Soviet Union Disintegration: The Soviet Union disintegrated in 1990. This also led Ukraine to fell apart and continued to drift in search of new identity for itself for nearly decade. Finally in 2004 general election happened. This election was also coined as vector square election because it was between two victors and they were Yushchenko and Yanukovich. In this Yanukovich won the election and he belongs from the part which is ethically closed to Russia. As result of this, his entire policy was directed towards Russian side.

Recent Crisis: The recent crisis starts from November- December 2013, when the Ukraine parliament had to vote for trade treaty and merger of Ukraine with European Union. Parliament of Ukraine voted against both the treaties. This resulted unrest amongst the ethically and culturally closed to European Union and the protested against the existed government. As of today Ukraine is facing severe identity crises.

Crimea Strategic Geopolitical Location: Crimea is just below the south of Ukraine and has been under the soviet control for more than 300 years. In 9154, Russia granted Crimea Autonomy. As per European and Russian record more than 60 per cent of Crimean population is ethically and Culturally Russian or in other words they are pro-Russian.

Tatars: This s very small Muslim community in Crimea. Tatars community faced problem when Stalin was in power there as Stalin believed they has connection with Nazi in Germany. So, On the basis of suspicion Stalin ousted Taters from Crimea. Tatars went out to Bulgaria, Turkey and Romania.

In 1991 with the disintegration of Soviet Union, Tatars started coming back in Crimea and as of now they completely back in Crimea. These Tatars as anti-Russian mind set which can be instigated by US and cause radical unrest in the region.

Meanwhile, the presence of Russia Black Sea fleet, Brach of Artillery Sea Navy at Sevastopol apprehended US to conclude that Russia is planning to annex Crimea. Recently, Russia sent around 12,000 solders to Crimea in order to help Crimea under 1997 Russia agreement with Crimea.

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