BPSC 56TH-59TH Prelims Answer Keys
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BPSC 56TH-59TH Prelims Answer Keys

Question Number SET A SET B SET C SET D
1 D B C B
2 C A C A
3 D D B C
4 A D C C
5 C A A D
6 C D D B
7 A A D C
8 A C C B
9 C D C D
10 A A C D
11 C B C D
12 D B A A
13 D C D B
14 D A D C
15 A C B D
16 C C B B
17 A D B D
18 B A D B
19 A D C C
20 A A A D
21 B C C B
22 A B B D
23 C B C D
24 C D A A
25 D B C D
26 B A B D
27 C B A A
28 B B C C
29 D C B B
30 D B A D
31 D D C D
32 A C A C
33 B A A D
34 C C D B
35 D C C A
36 B A A A
37 D A B C
38 B C A A
39 C A C C
40 D C A C
41 B C B A
42 D C B B
43 D D A A
44 A D A D
45 D A C B
46 D C D A
47 A A D B
48 C B C D
49 B B D A
50 D B D B
51 D B D C
52 C A A C
53 D C D B
54 B C D C
55 A D A C
56 A B A D
57 C C A C
58 A B C C
59 C D A C
60 C D A C
61 A D D C
62 B A B A
63 C B C A
64 D C A D
65 B D C B
66 A B A D
67 B D A B
68 D B A D
69 A C A C
70 B D A A
71 C B C C
72 C D B B
73 B D B B
74 C A D A
75 C D B A
76 D D A B
77 D A B D
78 C C B C
79 C B C D
80 C D B A
81 C B D B
82 A C C A
83 A D D A
84 D B A D
85 B A C C
86 D A C A
87 B C A B
88 D A A A
89 C C C C
90 A C A A
91 C A C B
92 B B D A
93 B C D A
94 A D C A
95 C B A D
96 B A C A
97 D B A C
98 C D B C
99 D A C D
100 A C A D
101 B C B B
102 A C A A
103 A B C D
104 D C C D
105 C B D A
106 A D B D
107 B D C A
108 A C B C
109 C C D D
110 A C D A
111 B C D B
112 A C A B
113 A A B C
114 A D D A
115 D B D C
116 D D B C
117 C B D D
118 C D B A
119 D C C D
120 A A D C
121 B C B C
122 A B D B
123 D C D B
124 D A A D
125 A C D B
126 D D D A
127 A C A B
128 C C C B
129 A D B C
130 A A A B
131 D B D D
132 B A C C
133 C A D A
134 A B B C
135 C C A C
136 C B C C
137 D C C A
138 A D A A
139 A C C C
140 C A C A
141 B B A C
142 B B B C
143 B A A D
144 D A A A
145 B D B A
146 A D A C
147 B C B A
148 B C D B
149 C D A B
150 B D B B

Comments ( 8 )
vijay kumar   56-59 bpsc answer key- By vijay kumar
a   Please update ans key for Set C- By a

set C ka v ans upload kar dijiye

pankaj kumar   good work- By pankaj kumar

good work done by you

Sudhir kumar   bpsc 2015 answer key- By Sudhir kumar

Dear sir. So many answers are wrong. Request u to kindly rectify it.

raj   bpsc answer key 2015- By raj

Some answer are wrong

bipin kumar   10-12 questions answer wrong h aise me cutoff to aur niche jana chahiye- By bipin kumar
avinash kumar   BPSC- By avinash kumar


I am getting 92 is there any possiblity for mains IN EBC category

bharti   selection- By bharti

sir i scored 87 in bpsc pt 2015 in obc category can i qualify for main or not

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I want to know that when the bpscexam will held likewise 60 62 exam

by Abhi
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