Difference Between Tropical And Temperate Cyclone
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1. LATITUDE: Tropical cyclone is confined between 5 to 30 degree north and south of the equator, whereas temperate cyclone originates between 30 to 60 degree north and south of the equator .

2. ORIGINATING ELEMENT : Temperature and Coriolis force plays vital role in the origin of tropical cyclone. In case of temperate cyclone ,it is frontogenesis plays important driving force (occuluded front).

3. TYPES OF CLOUD ASSOCIATED : Wide range of clouds are associated with the temperate cyclone. While in the case of tropical cyclone the cloud composition is mainly dominated by clumonimbus clouds .

4. AREA COVERED : Temperate cyclone covers large area as compared to tropical cyclone .

5. SOURCE OF ORIGIN : Tropical cyclone generally originates over water surface but the temperate cyclone originates over mid-latitude land mass.

6. DIRECTION OF FLOW : Temperate cyclone generally flows eastward movement (west -> east) but there is no as such fixed movement pattern in case of tropical cyclone. Tropical cyclone generally takes the path from sea to land.

7. NUMBERS : Tropical cyclone is of singular characteristic, whereas temperate cyclone flows in family.

8. EYE : Eye is a typical feature in case of tropical cyclone, where as in temperate cyclone there is no such concept of ‘EYE’ associated with it.

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION OF TROPICAL CYCLONES: As per the source of the origin of tropical cyclone is confined to water bodies. They are generally confined to 5 - 30 degree north and south of the equator . Here below are detailed distribution and specific terminology which is used to signify them in concern location.





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