Felicity Or Nemesis, Analysis Of 2011 Socio-Economic Caste Census
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Government has decided to use SECC 2011instead of poverty line method for implementing socio-economic welfare programmes to tackle poverty effectively.

What is SECC: SECC-2011 is a study of socio economic status of rural and urban households and allows ranking of households based on predefined parameters.

SECC 2011 has three census components which were conducted by three separate authorities but under the overall coordination of Department of Rural Development in the Government of India.

Census in Rural Area has been conducted by the Department of Rural Development (DoRD). Census in Urban areas is under the administrative jurisdiction of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA).

Caste Census is under the administrative control of Ministry of Home Affairs: Registrar General of India (RGI) and Census Commissioner of India.

It will form a base for schemes: MGNREGA, Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Garmin, and National Rural Livelihood Mission, to identify beneficiaries and expand the direct benefit scheme as a part of its plan to build upon the JAM (Jan Dhan-Adhaar-Mobile) trinity.


Present scenario: Since Independence, India has used a poverty- line method to count the number of poor.

Presently in India BPL is determined according to Suresh Tendulkar committee. It is based on a poverty line basket which includes both food items (determined using calorific norms) and non-food items (clothing, education, rent, etc.).  As per this committee poverty line stood at

Rs 27 and Rs 33 for rural and urban area with total poor population estimated at 27 crore (22% of population).

Families below the poverty line (BPL) are eligible for several government benefits like subsidized food (through the Public Distribution system), pensions, and self-employment programs, etc. 

Why SECC based analysis is considered to have an upper hand over Poverty line method? 

While poverty line method is a quantitative approach, it identifies number of poor, SECC on the other hand is more qualitative in approach and identifies who actually are the poor. Hence it is more accurate, precise and target-oriented. The binary approach of BPL method either include the households in all schemes or exclude them from all however if SECC will be used each household will be mapped on different deprivation factors and if found deprived they will be eligible for that specific scheme.

The BPL approach was narrow as it focused on income and consumption expenditure on the other hand SECC gave a holistic and complete picture.

It will even help in eliminating undeserving candidates’ especially affluent people and thus reduce frauds by repeated duplication issue.

Conclusion: Owing to the fact that it will be used as an important base for majority of the social welfare schemes it should be updated regularly with great emphasis on its accuracy and validity.

It will efficiently remove beneficiaries who were on the fringes and have overcame their deprivation, reducing the unnecessary redundant data and help in lessening the respective benefits being duplicated. It provides a tool to eradicate poverty in the long run with a dynamic relatable data and cater to analyze the exact loopholes in the entire process. This method will help the government to penetrate well in the areas which remain untouched i.e. the actual deprived class.

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