Highest Compliance Rate Of Right To Information (RTI) By Public Authorities
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As per the Central Information Commission-Report 2015-16, 94%of central ministries and departments have provided details about RTI Act implementation.This is the first time since the rollout of RTI in 2005-06 that compliance rate of public authorities has been more than 90%.

Such high compliance shows that government is moving towards establishing a transparent and corruption free regime, adhering close to standardization.

What is RTI: Right to Information is a part of fundamental rights under Article 19(1) of the Constitution.It says that every citizen has freedom of speech and expression.Citizens of India have the right to know how the governments, meant to serve them, are functioning. Further, every citizen pays taxes. The citizens therefore, have a right to know how their money was being spent.

As per the RTI Act, following rights are granted to a citizen:

  • Ask any questions from the Government or seek any information.
  • Take copies of any government documents.
  • Inspect any government documents.
  • Inspect any Government works.
  • Take samples of materials of any Government work.

 As per the RTI Act every year all public authorities have to provide information regarding:

  • Number of RTI applications received, applications disposed of and applications still pending.
  • Number of applications rejected and ground for rejection.
  • Number of first appeals filed.

Central Information Commission (CIC): It is an independent statutory body constituted under the RTI Act. The jurisdiction of the Commission extends over all Central Public Authorities.It is the final appellate authority as per RTI Act 2005 and its decisions are final and binding.

However over the years public authorities didn’t take it seriously and have been stubbornly reluctant to submit their RTI. The statistics were recorded as low as 67.5% in 2010-11 who followed the rule.

Conclusion: CIC strengthened the norms and had put up a system in which every public authority had to register with CIC and provide the statistics. Implementation with continuous control, constant perusals, as well as strict follow up of the authorities was done to ensure all the submissions well in time. It also imbibed a policy of naming and shaming the authorities in their annual report who fail to comply with submissions. CIC has served as a perfect guardian for public authorities and strengthened the rule book once for all. Similar initiatives by government offices is what is needed in present time to build a strong base for an efficient long term governance.


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