IBPS PO Interview: 100 Commonly Asked Questions
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The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) has released the interview call letters for IBPS CWE PO/MT – VII. The interview is the final stage of the recruitment process for the post of Probationary Officers/Management Trainees in the participating organizations. Candidates who have successfully cleared the Mains Examination can download their interview call letters from the official website. Candidates must remember that unlike the syllabus for IBPS PO written exam,there is no pre-defined syllabus for the interview round.

How Important is the Interview for Final Recruitment?

The IBPS conducts a common interview for PO/MT recruitment. The final result is based on the marks obtained in the mains and the score obtained in the interview. The total marks allotted for the interview is 100. The final score is calculated in the ratio 80:20 i.e. 80% marks from written exam and 20% marks from interview. Students who obtain the decided cut off are shortlisted thereafter. So the interview acts as an important factor in deciding whether or not a

Important Questions Commonly Asked in IBPS PO Interview

Candidates successfully clearing all the written rounds of IBPS PO/MT examination are eligible for the interview. They will have to face a panel of interviewers who will evaluate their potential. On average, the approximate time taken by the panels to interview each candidate is 15 minutes within which you have to impress the interviewers and convince them that you are suitable for the post. Questions are mainly based on the following-

  • On your personal profile (about yourself/background/family/education/job/hobbies)
  • Current affairs
  • General knowledge
  • General knowledge regarding banking industry
  • Some situational questions to test your presence of mind and decision making abilities.

Apart from that, some questions may be asked from your field of study. So you should have clear conceptual knowledge about the subjects you studied in graduation or post-graduation and also be updated about the recent happenings in that field.

Here we present 100 significant questions that are asked in the interview round to help you prepare and ace it.

Personal and Situational Questions

The following questions give the interviewers an idea of the candidate’s personality. So be careful while answering these.

1.Tell us about yourself and where are you from? (questions can be asked about your place if it is of any significance and also regarding your name if it has a unique meaning)

2.What is your father’s name and his job profile?

3.Tell us about your family background.

4.Tell us about your education

5.What are your hobbies?

6.Why did you decide on banking career?

7.How can your professional knowledge be helpful in the banking career?

8.What have you been doing after graduation?

9.Do you have any work experience?

10.Why did you decide to leave your previous job? (for working professionals)

11.Do you plan to pursue higher studies?

12.Do you enjoy any extracurricular activities?

13.Aren’t you overqualified for this job?

14.Who is your role model?

15.What are your career goals?

16.What are your strength and weakness?

17.Where do you see yourself in five years?

18.Are you a team player?

19.Why should we hire you?

20.Are you ready to relocate if your job demands it?

21.What will you do if you get a better offer?

22.How well do you handle pressure?

23.What do think are the responsibilities of a PO?

24. What do you know about the banking industry?

25.Do you have any family member working in the banking industry?

26.Have you faced any banking interview before?

General Knowledge Related to Banking Industry

Most questions are usually asked from this topic, so students should prepare the following questions very well.

1.What is a Bank?

2.Who is the governor of RBI?

3.What to do you know about Monetary Policy?

4.What is mobile banking?

5.What is internet banking?

6.What are the functions of RBI?

7.What are the differences between cheque and draft?

8.What is Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate?

9.What is CRR and SLR?

10.What is CASA?

11.What is CBS? What does CORE stand for?

12.Different types of accounts and their features.

13.What is NPA? Steps to recover NPA

14.What is SAFRAESI Act?

15.Banking Ombudsman Scheme

16.What are the different types of cheques?

17.What is call money rate?

18.What is prime lending rate?

19.CBS, SWIFT, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS. What are their full forms, features, and benefits?

20.What are the money market instruments?

21.What is E-commerce?

22.What are NBFCs?

23.What is Mutual Fund?

24.What is ATM?


26.Headquarters of all the Nationalized Banks and significant private banks

27.CMDs of all the Nationalized Banks

28.What is KYC?

29.What is Debit card and Credit card?


31.NABARD & its role

32.Small bank & payment bank

33.BHIM app

34.Bharat Bill Payment System



37.What is Green channel?

38.National Housing Bank (NHB)


40.Types of Banking

41.What is Demit Account?


43.What is FOREX?


45.Essential products or schemes launched by various banks recently

46.National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM)

47.Current policy rates such as Repo, Reverse Repo, SLR, CRR, MSF, Bank Rate

48.Priority Sector Lending

49.MSME full form


Current Affairs

Questions on current affairs are mainly based on recent events. So being up to date on events of at least the past three months is important. Some of the questions can be expected to be on the following topics

1.Digitization of India



4.Start-Up India

5.Make in India

6.Sport events (both global and national)

7.Major national political issues

8.Chief Ministers of different states

9.Constitutional changes

10.Union Budget

11.Global Warming

12.Climate conventions

13.Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

14.UPI app

15.Countries and capitals and their currencies



18.Effect of ban of H1B and L1B visas by the USA

19.Intergovernmental organizations such as SAARC, BRICS, APEC, ASEAN, NATO etc.

20.Significant global political issues

21.Significant global and national environmental issues

22.Merger of SBI and its subsidiaries

23.What are the major issues threatening the banking sector currently?

24.Merger of Vodafone and IDEA

Apart from all these questions candidates should follow daily newspapers such as The Hindu to be updated about the recent events. They should also revise some conceptual questions related to their field of study so that if asked they can face them with confidence.

Important tips to crack IBPS PO interview

  • The interview acts as a platform for interaction of the prospective employer and employee. Here we present some tips to help you prepare for the interview round.
  • The questions asked by the panel to the candidates will be aimed at judging his/her attitude, problem solving skills, adjustability and tenacity. Based on the answers given by the candidates the interviewers will decide whether he/she will be suitable for the post.
  • You should be confident, relaxed and well-behaved. You should dress neatly and modestly. You should be polite and greet the interviewers with a pleasant face.
  • Banks are dependent on their customers so they want their employees to be friendly and patient so that good relations are maintained with the customers. During the interview the board will look for candidates who can understand this concept.
  • Banks have branches in all parts of the country so the candidates should know or be willing to learn the local language of the region in which he /she is posted.
  • You should be willing to work hard and should not have a laid back attitude. You should be patient and answer all the questions in a clear voice with a smile in an amiable manner. This will determine your disposition while dealing with customers in the future.
  • If the answer of any question is unknown to you, do not try to impress by giving the wrong answer. Instead, you should politely say that you do not know the answer to that question.

You should remember that the purpose of the interview is not to judge the candidates’ knowledge but to test their personalities so that they can be valuable assets for the banks. So confidence and smartness is the key. All the best!

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