JPSC Sets Poor Examples Of Governance In Jharkhand
Post on 29,February 2012   11:00 PM
By - Mr. S.N Singh
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Ranchi,Fab,29:Funny' and 'scary' things are a usual occurrence in the tribal state of India Jharkhand every now and then particularly in the recruitment drives by the state government. But for, the applicant's funniest and scariest thing of this decade happened right now in the state. And it is no other then by the prime recruiter of state Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) the latest episode of JPSC 4th civil Services preliminary examination.

It's not unusual for the youth of Jharkhand to have goose bumps every now and then as there is no dearth of crimes and corruption in the State. Whatever second person say funniest and scariest because the recently conducted JPSC exam surpasses all the other vices so intrinsic to Jharkhand, at least to all the aspiring yet unemployed youths. It gives a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness leaving them demoralized and dejected.

Unemployment is rampant in Jharkhand and JPSC doesn't conduct the civil service exam every year as in other parts of the country. This exam is the ultimate goal for many aspiring candidates who don't want to land up in a job on contract basis.

It brings back memories of the 1st, 2nd JPSC exam which was scandals and now on the verge of cancellation, whereby many aspirants who were working in reputed companies outside the state left their high salaried job to prepare for JPSC exam which never materialized. Result was, many of them landed up in mediocre companies after going back from the state due to the months wasted preparing for the 'ghost' exam.

Moreover, it should be remembered that there are thousands of students who are poor and powerless yet intelligent and hardworking, who couldn't even spend a few thousands to buy the competitive exam books. Yet, the incompetent authorities ignored all these social realities, thereby making the JPSC exam a child's play, the ultimate weapon to show their power and authority to the public, especially to the students.

Here, I would like to remind you of the errors and misdoings of latest JPSC exam that has been pointed out since the past many months. JPSC turning a shrewd blind eye to all their errors and straightaway trying to conducting the Mains exam is another story.

One of the allegations is that the candidates are putting that the bulk of questions were found to have been copied and pasted straight in a block without any modification and correction from the previous year sets of UPSC.

JPSC not even stopped here, they have released the wrong answer key where mistakes were in bulk like more than 30 out of hundred question in some optional were wrong, omission gone ahead and releases the result based on wrong solution. Mass protest has forced the JPSC to re-revise the result based upon the correct key but the re-revised result has also several faults as per student's claims.

Some of the candidates filed cases in the High court and there are still cases pending in the court, yet JPSC straightaway looking to conduct the mains exam ignoring all the allegations. Should we call it a misuse of power waste of public money, their insensitiveness or an act of cowardice?

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Surbhi Sinha   Life has became hell after i decided to for JPSC- By Surbhi Sinha
Decision was hell for me to prepare the well said ghost exam by JPSC .This organization is known for using all tools and technique to ruin the merit .
Dinman yadav   Touching post- By Dinman yadav
Sir thank you for writing a touching post we exactly feeling like that .Jharkhand Public Service Commission is playing with the students.How long it will go no one knows.
Anand Dayal   We are helpless- By Anand Dayal

JPSC is playing with the fate of the state .Offices are empty single officials are holding multiple offices but commission is unable to provide the offices.JPSC is indulge in the corrupt practice it must stop to do so.Nobody cares here Govt,JPSC and Court where students should go a complete jungle raj

Binay Singh   jharkhand main pura ka pura system de-railed ho chuka hai.- By Binay Singh

jharkhand main pura ka pura system de-railed ho chuka hai. desh k roop main nepal aur rajya k roop main jharkhand fail ho chuka hai. sabse bari baat apne ko corruption free btane wali BJP ko jharkhand

RAJEEV RANJAN   I have left bangalore just because to acomplish my dream to be gazetted officer.- By RAJEEV RANJAN

Above said article and comments given here are only the truth as far as jpsc concerned.I have left bangalore just because to acomplish my dream to be gazetted officer.
Inever applid any govt job before

RAJEEV RANJAN   jpsc 4th civil exam has to be cancelled and new notification for 5th civil should come at earliest and have to be in high court set team survillence.- By RAJEEV RANJAN
RAJEEV RANJAN   JPSC 4th civil exam has to be cancelled- By RAJEEV RANJAN

JPSC 4th civil exam has to be cancelled and new notification for 5th civil should come at earliest and have to be in high court set team survillence.

High court must consider this case of jpsc 4th pt as urgent one and complete the hearing as early as possible..order has to be either cancellation of whole exam (maximum probability) or release result
ajit   totally ridiculous- By ajit

my roll no 315043763 appeared in 2nd result with marks over 264 but in 3rd time it was not there even they have not posted revised marks how to file rti for this matter please help i have copy of both the result

Now its known to everyboday in jharkhand that what does jpsc does thnk of as far as civil services are either high court set a deadline for hearing and judgement so that either this 4th

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