KFC Having Exclusive Vegetarians Menu
Post on 19,December 2012   7:00 PM
By - Miss. Ankita Jaiswal
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KFC is the synonymous with chicken in world because mouth watering chicken is the flagship product of KFC. Changing its offering now KFC have on offer is the marinated hot and crispy chicken that is "crisp and crunchy on the outside, and soft and juicy on the inside". It gives you a regular Pepsi with this at nothing more than just at an affordable amount of Rs. 39. But make no mistake, while this is a rage across the globe.

KFC doesn't want to alienate the vegetarian community "that gave birth to the vegetarian menu". It means one can be veg and yet be at KFC. 

KFC offers a wide range of vegetarian stuffs such as the tangy, lip-smacking paneer tikka wrap 'n' roll, the veg de-lite burger, and the veg crispy burger. There are munchies such as the crisp golden veg fingers and crunchy golden fries served with tangy sauces. 

If someone is vegetarian and looking for a meal he or she can combine the veg fingers with steaming, peppery rice and a spice curry. The mayonnaise and sauces don't have egg in them. 

KFC vegetarian menu in India came about when KFC learned that the country had about 35 per cent vegetarians, and in metros such as Mumbai and Delhi, almost 50 per cent. 

KFC's veg menu is an exclusive to India and is the most extensive other nations either don’t have a vegetarian menu, and some which do, have a burger at the most.

"Contrary to affecting chicken sales, the presence of a vegetarian menu has made the brand more relevant to a wider cross-section of the consumer society. This is essential as we grow the brand across the country," says Marketing Director of KFC Mr Sharanita. 

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