Largely Persecuted Rohingya Community Of Myanmar Needs An International Intervention
Post on 01,October 2017   5:00 AM
By - PolyEyes Staff
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Rohingyas are a predominantly Muslim group living mainly in Rakhine State on the Myanmar’s western coast with a population of almost one million people. Myanmar is a multicultural society with 135 communities. As per the country’s 1982 Citizenship Law, does not recognizes the Rohingyas as one of the “national races”. These people lack valid documentation to accord the constitutional requirement and hence there is no legal proof of their ancestors being settled in the country before 1823.

UN has often described Rohingyas as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. The UN human rights office said that Myanmar’s security forces had committed mass killings and gang rapes of Rohingya Muslims and burned their villages.

Aung San Suu Kyi has chosen the path of political expediency in the face of strong anti-Muslim sentiment in the Buddhist majority country. In spite of Myanmar’s inclination towards democracy, the country’s government refuses to address the issue. Nevertheless the Rohingya crisis is a political issue in Myanmar. The ultimate solution lies in the granting citizenship and ensuring equal rights in their ancestral home.

Major points for such crisis: Since October-2016 Myanmar’s army has carried out “clearance operations” in the north of the western state to root out insurgents accused of deadly raids on police border posts.

At least 69,000 Rohingya have fled to neighboring Bangladesh, alleging rape, murder and torture at the hands of security forces. A large number of those escaping the violence end up in the trafficking networks. The crisis, if left at its current culminating stage, risks would venture out of control and will lead to unfavorable socio-economic implications for its neighbors.

The persecuted Rohingya Muslims are likely to provide fertile recruiting grounds for extremists. As there are reports of increasing radicalization in the community.

Bangladesh fears that Islamist orthodox section, who staunchly support the Rohingya Muslims, are trying to exploit the situation for their political benefits. Even some sections of the Rohingyas have formed armed guerilla groups in Rakhine against Myanmar’s army and operate along the borders.

Concluding Remark: Until a permanent solution is found in Myanmar, it is the responsibility of refugee hosting countries, including Bangladesh, to ensure that Rohingya people can live with basic human rights and dignity. Neighboring countries like India and China should help Myanmar to resolve such issues by creative diplomacy. Not only internal but also International community also needs to play more proactive role in resolving such conflicts. As it quite evident that internationally there is not much scope of economic interest in Myanmar, western world is not very enthusiastic to resolve the crisis and remains aloof claiming it to be an internal problem of Myanmar. South Asian confederations and associations like ASEAN should play a key role in working out a solution with Myanmar’s leaders. UN too should intervene at an executable step encouraging certain key steps and recommend immediate actions in order to relieve people from mass atrocities.

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