Lower Back Pain Remedy
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By - Mr. Elva Scaggs
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You can help improve the strength, resilience, and flexibility of your lower back and spine by remaining aware of these things:

Posture: Always be conscientious about your posture. Good posture is a key in helping your spine and strengthening your back (and stomach, which supports your spine).

Lifting, Turning, and Bending: Always crouch down and use your legs to lift things, rather than put that strain on your back. Be aware of your movements while carrying things, or turning, such as awkward angles and jerking when lifting or moving things. You can help prevent chronic back pain.

Nutrition: If you do not do this already, taking vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium, can play a big part in strengthening your back. Calcium, magnesium, and protein-based nutrition help strengthen your back, and magnesium and calcium supplements can also help leg cramps.

Footwear: You should always wear appropriate footwear, particularly if you have back problems, as high heels, narrow shoe heels, etc. are the worst things for your back.

If you want to increase the strength, flexibility, and resilience of your back, back strengthening exercises are necessary to keep your bones and muscles strong and flexible. As with any other type of exercise, exercises for low back pain should be done gradually to prevent injury or furthering a current injury. You must condition your back, as any other part of your body, to promote healing, health, and function.

Your doctor or physical therapist can prescribe targeted exercises, and there are physical therapy courses that help to educate you about the importance of using ergonomic tools such as proper desk, computer, and chair height, ergonomic computer keyboards, ergo chairs, etc. All of the ergonomic tools help to reduce all types of muscle strain. The therapist can also teach you the correct ways of sitting, standing (i.e., one leg cocked, which offsets your spine & pelvis), walking, lifting, and repetitive motion, which also causes a lot of injuries. All of these things will help prevent future problems from arisin

You should always stretch prior to doing any exercise or exertive physical activity, particularly if you are not very active, or in the best physical condition.

Besides lower back pain exercises, physical therapy treatments like massage, heat, ice, electrical stimulation (i.e., ultrasound), and other techniques can be used to help relieve muscle or back pain. Acupuncture, chiropractic care, and natural therapies can also help. There are physical aids available, such as back braces, to help support and strengthen your spine by holding your stomach in, and keeping your spine in the correct position. This also helps reduce back strain.

Body, back, and muscle therapy is very useful in helping to providing pain relief and body function. Massage is regularly recommended, and used to relieve tension and pain. It helps increase circulation, which brings nutrients and oxygen to the affected muscles, and helps carry the toxins away. There are other body, muscle, and back pain therapies that are effective, such as Reflexology (pressure is applied to “reflex” points on the hands and feet), Shiatsu (pressure applied to the meridians of the body to improve circulation and ease pain), Rolfing (connective tissue and muscles are manipulated), and the Feldenkrais method (new ways of moving your body to relax tense or cramped muscles). However, these methods must be performed by trained practitioners.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils from herbs and plants for muscle pain relief, and inflammation or muscle spasms associated with it. Some common essential oils for muscle pain include ginger, peppermint, marjoram, and thyme. These oils can be applied with gentle massages or compresses, and some can be added to a warm bath.

If the back pain does not go away in spite of exercise and other non-invasive treatments, surgery may be a necessary option. It is very important that you see a professional back pain doctor (orthopedic surgeon or other spinal/back specialist) to get expert advice and diagnosis of your back pain cause. This can help you understand different treatment options, and the amount of chronic back pain relief they can provide.

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