MI Thrashed PW By 41 Run
Post on 13,April 2013   9:55 PM
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MUMBAI:The opening batsmen and good starts were major difference in the MI Vs PW match. Pune's opening problems once again resurfaced, with Mitchell Johnson claiming the wicket of Aaron Finch in the very first ball of the innings. Wickets kept falling like pack of the card as Ross Taylor (4) got run out, Robin Uthappa (7) fell to another Johnson stinger and T Suman's (23) enterprising knock was ended by Harbhajan Singh.

Move of Mumbai Indians is still on as Pune Warriors India became their latest pray, beating them by 41-run at the Wankhede Stadium. MI won the toss and elected to bat ,riding over the performance of Sachin Tendulkar and  Rohit Sharma, set Pune a target of 184, only to give Pune no chance of doing so with a destructive bowling display.

Four wickets were down at 38, Yuvraj Singh and Angelo Mathews, the Pune captain, put up 33 for the 5th wicket. Yuvraj Singh in particular was aggressive, hitting two humungous 6 off Rishi Dhawan and Kieron Pollard. But his over aggression cost him as he eventually got out to Pollard, caught by Dhawan at deep-midwicket.

Wickets continued to fall for PW at regular intervals and, despite Mitchell Marsh's fighting 38, PW eventually fell short by 41 runs, ending the innings at 142 for 8. Mumbai, with their third consecutive win, jumped to top of the table.

Earlier, aggressive partnership between Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting, Sachin popularly earned the name PONDULKAR scored a 29-ball 44. The opening pair made 54, their highest stand in the tournament so far, giving Mumbai a solid foundation to build on.

It was Rohit Sharma who capitalized on that, scoring three fours and five sixes that scaled up the mammoth score.



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