More Opportunities For Native MPPSC Aspirant
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BHOPAL: Age limits of candidates belonging to any state other than Madhya Pradesh will be reduced by 5 years. Presently this age limit is 35 years which is proposed to be updated to 28 or 30 years. This will increase the opportunities for native aspirants as they are allowed to attempt this examination till the age of 40 years.  General Administration Department has already prepared the application regarding this and the Visionary level secretary committee will be releasing the final decision by 30th March.

Other state’s age eligibility criteria for Public Services:


  • Odisha: 18 to 23 yrs.
  • Uttarakhand: 21 to 28 yrs.
  • Assam: 18 to 25 yrs.
  • Jharkhand: 18 to 30 yrs.


Every year almost 2.5 lakh aspirants take MPPSC examination. Out of these approximately 7 to 10 percent are from states other than native. These candidates participate in state administrative services, Police Services Police, Forest and Engineering Services. Out of the final selection almost 7 percent are from other states. However prior to the year 2016 the selected candidates from other states candidates were more.

The committee has also been suggested to update the eligibility criteria for third and fourth grade employees such that they should have compulsorily attained Intermediate and graduation degree from Madhya Pradesh itself.


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sir,your prediction about cut off for general(85-95) is on the basis of 9000 results or more than that.further there is 35% horizontal reservation to women.please clarify

by Pushkar Verma
Surprisingly individual friendly site. Great info available on couple of gos to.
by Binary Option Trading Systems

sir please do reply on the above comment.also tell about the expected date for main exam

by Pushkar Verma

Sir ,

Due to�previous records of jpsc ....can u tell there were any possibilities that jpsc conduct 

7th jpsc as on 12 nov 2017....can  we prepare for it

by Ridhima

Yes gear up , early starters alwaz has edge.

by Help Desk PolyEyes

Proud to be a Bihari

by S K Rai

i have scored 91 as per the answer keys ,any chance for mains genral category

by Karunendra

sir ,

i am scoring 90 according to bpsc answer key.i belong to gen category . i have challenged 5 questions(LPG,KING KHARWELA,UNFCCC,PARTICULATE MATTER,AND SEAT OF AN MP).please tell me whether i should focus on mains.this is because upsc pre is scheduled on 18 june and currently facing dilemma regarding allocation of time.please reply as it will be helpful during last hours of preparation

by Pushkar Verma
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