Performance Of Banking And Allied Sectors In Bihar
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Patna:Bihar has reflected good growth in Banking and allied Sectors in March 2012, there were 4388 branches of commercial banks in Bihar 56.4 percent of them in rural areas, 22.7 percent in semi-urban and 20.9 percent in urban areas.

In March, 2011, Bihar had 1458 branches of RRB; by March 2012, the number had increased to 1594. While the number of branches had increased by about 9.3 percent over the previous year, the deposits of RRBs in Bihar increased by 9.8 percent, and credits by 11.8 percent. Only less than 50 percent of what the rural economy of Bihar deposits with the RRBs is flowed back to it in the form of credit.

Bihar accounted for about 6.1 percent of all rural deposits of the scheduled commercial banks in the country in 2010-11. The volume of rural deposits with scheduled commercial banks in Bihar in March 2011 (Rs. 30,079 crore) was more than in many states, including Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The deposits in the savings bank constituted bulk (64.8 percent) of the total rural deposits.

There has been significant growth in total deposits in Bihar in 2011-12 (Rs. 1,41,308 crore) over the previous year (Rs. 1,19,153 crore). This increase (Rs. 22,155 crore) was a distinct improvement over 2010-11 when deposits had increased by only Rs 17,700 crore over the previous year. Simultaneously, credit in 2011-12 has also expanded by more than Rs 6500 crore, which was higher than the corresponding figure for 2010-11 (Rs. 5500 crore).

In March 2012, the CD ratio of Bihar was 36.70 percent, higher than 33.99 percent prevailing in March 2011. By September, 2012, it had further risen to 38.96 percent. But the ratio is still the lowest in the country.

In March 2011, Bihar had an ICD ratio of 39.0 percent by utilisation, compared to its ICD ratio of 36.9 percent by sanction. The ICD ratio of Bihar, was much lower compared to that of states like Rajasthan (111.2 percent), Tamil Nadu (127.7 percent), or Gujarat (84.3 percent), as well as the national average (81.2 percent) in March 2011. The ICD ratio in Bihar has dropped from its high level of 52.8 percent in 2008 to less than 40 percent in three 
subsequent years.

The share of agriculture in the total credit within the state was 46.14 percent, up from 42 percent in the previous year. The credit made to the small and medium scale industries were only 8.86 percent of the total credit disbursed in 2011-12. This share was about 17 percent in 2009-10. Other priority sector advances in 2011-12 accounted for 10.84 percent of the total credit.

Under the Annual Credit Plan of banks in Bihar, the total credit flow in the state has gone up from Rs. 25,552 crore in 2010-11 to Rs 32,416 crore in 2011-12, registering a 26.9 percent growth which was lower than the 46 percent growth registered a year before.

Between 2007-08 (Rs. 3755 crore) and 2009-10 (Rs.7163 crore), a period of two years, the credit flow to agriculture had increased by only Rs. 3408 crore; but during the next two years, it expanded more than two-folds, by Rs. 7795 crore. It was the commercial banks that accounted for the major share (64.7 percent) in the total credit. The outstanding agricultural advances stood at Rs. 18,290 crore at the end of 2011-12.

In March 2011, with 8463 PACS, Bihar accounted for 9.1 percent of all PACS in India; however, in terms of deposits and borrowings, Bihar is much behind the other states. Also, out of the total 8463 PACS in Bihar, as many as 3962 societies are making losses, their total losses being Rs 1 crore. The total deposits of all PACS is only Rs 175 crore and their total borrowings amounted to Rs 501 crore.

Refinancing by NABARD has been continuously increasing and stood at Rs 2181 crore at the end of 2011-12. More than half of the financial support has been provided by way of RIDF loans. In addition, NABARD has refinanced a number of activities, particularly farm mechanisation, dairy and rural non-farm sector. In 2011-12, their respective shares in total refinancing of Rs. 377 crore were — farm mechanisation (26.0 percent), dairy (18.8 percent) and rural non-farm sector (26.0 percent).

In March, 2012, SHG coverage of rural households in Bihar was only 54.0 percent. The average savings of Rs 4602 per SHG in Bihar was much below the national average of Rs 8230 and the average credit of Rs 1.02 lakh again was far below the national average of Rs 1.44 lakh. The total loans disbursed during 2011-12 to the SHGs by banks amounted to Rs 398.61 crore and their outstanding loans stood at Rs 1040.71 crore.

Under National Rural Livelihood Mission (Jeevika), till now, 67.5 thousand SHGs, 4.6 thousand Village Organisations and 53 Cluster Level Federations have been organized, covering 8.62 lakh poor households. Out of the SHGs already organized, bank accounts of 53 thousand SHGs have been opened and 36.8 thousand SHGs have been financed by the banks.

There are 1299 limited companies (1.42 percent of the country’s total) that had registered themselves in Bihar in 2010-11. Of these, 1271 companies (97.8 percent) were in the private sector with a total authorised capital of Rs 163 crore, and only 28 companies (2.2 percent) were in the public sector with a total authorised capital of Rs 91 crore.


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