Samsung Galaxy S4 Hottest Cell Phone Of 2013
Post on 16,March 2013   5:53 AM
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We all look forward to own the finest cell phone within our budget constraints. With so many smart phones flooding the market the customer is spoilt for choice. One of the hottest cell phone models of 2013 is the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It is supposed to be the best among the rest. Experts claim that like its predecessors it can outdo the sales of iphone 5S. As compared to Apple gadgets of similar categories, the performance of Samsung Galaxy S4 is supposed to be even better.

It comprises of features like 13-megapixel camera that enables its users to video shoot using the HD resolution. The 2-megapixel camera facing the front will also have the similar capabilities. It also has a Super AMOLED full HD display measuring 4.990 inches. It is the first smart phone even to boast of wireless charging. It will be available in white frost and black mist colors. In India the device will be sold for Rs 45,000.

The most striking aspect of this device is its air view fraction. Samsung has made efforts to resolve the messy fingerprint issue. Through this users can preview videos by just rolling the finger on top of the screen. The device can sense the rolling of the retina or the eye. The moment the user shifts the eyes from the screen the video pauses automatically and resumes only when after the user looks back. Other applications can also be controlled by hovering the finger over the phone. To scroll the screen up users can give command by swiping the finger a few inches over the phone from the top to the bottom. Samsung Galaxy S4 also contains Optical Reader and Watch On features.  Features like Group Play allow users to play game and music simultaneously.

Dual shot is another attractive feature of this cell phone. It allows both cameras to function concurrently. Both the front as well as the rear camera can be simultaneously used while conducting video calls. This makes it possible to animate photos and to add audio too.

Texting as you drive will soon get outdated as the voice recognition element present in this smart phone allows the user to reply, save and forward messages and dictate by way of verbal commands. Its voice recognition present in the translator feature can comprehend nine languages.

The Samsung’s Galaxy line has remained their chief weapon in the fight for gaining supremacy in the smart phone market.   



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