Saving The Space: 19 Great Lifehacks To Organize Your Room
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We buy tons of goods in a year so the problem of where to store them becomes unavoidable. It exacerbates when you have to deal with the lack of space in your room. But it is possible to solve in sometimes unexpected ways! Furthermore, if you know how to save space, you don’t probably need to buy/rent a larger apartment and pay more for it. Here arethe quick and simple ideas of how to do it right.When you are done with organizing your space, you can figure out some signs if a Russian girl likes you!

1.Choose furniture with storage. Not only a bed to store your bedding sets under but ottomans and poufs of all possible kinds as well.

2.Maximally use the headboard and footboard space. Yes, why not have a headboard bookcase? You can put many other things into it. Footboard storage can perform multiple functions too.

3.Pick a dresser that would also become a nightstand. First, you will keep all your small items in drawers. Second, this will save you a lot of time and space.

4.Decide in favor of a sofa bed. A simple piece of furniture that converts into what you currently need. Thus, it will always be easy to get your friends seated.

5.How about wall mounted furnishings? If your dorm is too small, a folding deskor bed will fit perfectly. Likewise, there is a wide choice of bed-and-desk combos.

6.Build floating shelves.They look very nice and you can build them on your own. To economize even more space, install those in the corner!

7.Get a pegboard to store small items. Pegboards are now usedindifferent interiors to keepmany small items in order.

8.Hang hooks all over the room.On the wall, door, or under the shelves – there are plenty of options. Likewise, you can purchase wire baskets to create extra space for storage.

9.You may need a large window sill. The deeper it is, the more ways to use it there are. Strictly speaking, you can turn it into another sofa!

10.Buy a storage mirror. So you can place your jewelry, cosmetics, and other things like that behind it or at the bottom part of it.

11.Install a shelf overthe bathroom door. Saving the space in your bathroom is a big problem too. When there is such a shelf, you don’t have to think where to put your towelsor self-care products.

12.Use a fold-downlaundry rack. You don’t need your drying rack 24/7, do you? Racks of this type look pretty elegant.

13.Design a walk-in closet. Such a closet doesn’t have to be huge to organize your wardrobe. You simply need to have the right idea. Plan everything thoroughly and make your dream come true!

14.Putyour shoes on the wall. Again, there are many ways to do it. Use separate hangers, build shelves, or just hang your shoeboxes on the wall.

15. Stock up on duffle bags. They can contain tons of clothing and can be stored wherever you need.

16.Facilitate your life withdrawer dividers. Or buy organizers to put into drawers. So you will never have problems with arranging yoursocks, lingerie, and accessories.

17.Take the advantage of tall furniture.Tallbookcases and chests of drawers are always available. If it’s impossible to gain from the width, let’s gain from the height!

18. Store your seasonal clothing in vacuum seal bags. You not only save the space in your closet but also prevent your clothes from damaging.

19.Arrange extra storage space under the stairs. Depending on the type of your staircase, you can store lots of stuff under it – from your bike to your kitchenware.

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