The Most Awaited JPSC 7TH CCS PT 2017 Is Scheduled On 12TH November
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JPSC examination director Mr. B.N.Akhauri has said that the JPSC 7th CCS PT-2017 examination will be held on 12th November, 2017. JPSC is preparing well to conduct the examination in prescribed time.

As per the officials, tentative dates for main examination for JPSC 6th 2016 will be 25th May, 2017 onwards. This will be conducted over a span of 15 days, however due to the student agitation going on, some contingencies are expected.

As per the officials no affirmation is given regarding dates of other examinations under JPSC, but they plan to conduct almost 17 examinations by the end of this year, which includes other graduate level entrance examination too.

The various posts that will be filled through these examinations are of University -Miscellaneous (non-teaching staff), regular and backlog posts of professors for BIT Sindri, Associate Professor for BIT Sindri, Dentist (Basic Cadre), Assistant Director Agricultural and SDO Agricultural, Assistant Engineer (backlog posts),Assistant Engineer (regular posts) University Principal, Lecturers in Government Women Polytechnic (regular posts)  , Lecturers in Government Women Polytechnic (backlog posts) , Department heads in Government Women Polytechnic, University Associate Professor, Food and Safety Officer, Deputy Collector, mains examination for common civil services 2016 and  preliminary common civil service 2017.

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pankaj   age limit- By pankaj

sir for 7th jpsc,  any idea about cut off year for calculating age limit pls? 

PolyEyes Help Desk   Age Limit 7Th JPSC- By PolyEyes Help Desk

If you 35... General You can appear

ridhima   7th ccs held in 2017- By ridhima

Sir ,

Due to�previous records of jpsc ....can u tell there were any possibilities that jpsc conduct 

7th jpsc as on 12 nov 2017....can  we prepare for it

Help Desk PolyEyes   @Ridhima- By Help Desk PolyEyes

Yes gear up , early starters alwaz has edge.

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sir,your prediction about cut off for general(85-95) is on the basis of 9000 results or more than that.further there is 35% horizontal reservation to women.please clarify

by Pushkar Verma
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by Binary Option Trading Systems

sir please do reply on the above comment.also tell about the expected date for main exam

by Pushkar Verma

Sir ,

Due to�previous records of jpsc ....can u tell there were any possibilities that jpsc conduct 

7th jpsc as on 12 nov 2017....can  we prepare for it

by Ridhima

Yes gear up , early starters alwaz has edge.

by Help Desk PolyEyes

Proud to be a Bihari

by S K Rai

i have scored 91 as per the answer keys ,any chance for mains genral category

by Karunendra

sir ,

i am scoring 90 according to bpsc answer key.i belong to gen category . i have challenged 5 questions(LPG,KING KHARWELA,UNFCCC,PARTICULATE MATTER,AND SEAT OF AN MP).please tell me whether i should focus on mains.this is because upsc pre is scheduled on 18 june and currently facing dilemma regarding allocation of time.please reply as it will be helpful during last hours of preparation

by Pushkar Verma
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