Top 7 Private Medical Colleges In India With Low Fee
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Getting into a good medical college is on top of every aspirant’s list. Approximately 11 lakh MBBS aspirants in India compete for a total of 56,000 seats through NEET exam. While everyone wants a college providing state of the art education of utmost quality, the exorbitant tuition fee however acts as an obstacle for many.

Only a handful of government colleges provide medical training at subsidized fee. While most private colleges charge hefty fee for a 5-year MBBS program, very few of them offer high quality medical education at significantly less fee.

Here is a list of top 7 such MBBS colleges that offer admission through NEET Result and charge an affordable fee without compromising on the quality of education.

1. R. G. Kar Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata

Established in the year 1886 as Calcutta School of Medicine, this institution is claimed to be one of the oldest private colleges in Asia. The college is affiliated to West Bengal University of Health Science and bagged 11th position in India Today’s list (2017) of best medical colleges in the country.

The total fee charged for 5-year MBBS program is INR 66,520 and is further divided in the following manner.

  • Year 1- INR 18,520
  • Year 2- INR 12,000
  • Year 3- INR 12,000
  • Year 4- INR 12,000
  • Year 5- INR 12,000

2. Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore

Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, BMCRI was brought under the centrally funded program to bring it up in the league of AIIMS. The college is among the every few providing hands-on training in Microsurgery and has bagged 12th position in India Today’s and Outlook India’s list of best Medical schools. It has further been placed at the 10th position in The Week’s list of best medical schools.

The total fee charged for 5-year MBBS program is INR 72,670 and is further divided in the following manner.

  • Year 1- INR 23,670
  • Year 2- INR 12,250
  • Year 3- INR 12,250
  • Year 4- INR 12,250
  • Year 5- INR 12,250

3. Christian Medical College, Vellore

Nationally and internationally recognized, this college ranks among the top 5 medical institutes in the country. The college has a lot of firsts in its name- first college of nursing in 1946, performing the first reconstructive surgery for leprosy in the world (1948), performing the first successful open-heart surgery in India (1961) and performing the first kidney transplant in India (1971), to state a few. The college has bagged the 2nd position in India Today’s 2017 rankings of medical institutes.

The total fee charged for 5-year MBBS program is INR 112,750 and is further divided in the following manner.

  • Year 1- INR 40,330
  • Year 2- INR 18,105
  • Year 3- INR 18,105
  • Year 4- INR 18,105
  • Year 5- INR 18,105

4. M.S. Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore

Known globally for its state of the art faculty, the institute is considered to be at par with some of the world’s best medical colleges since its establishment in the year 1979. India Today ranked it at 16th position and Outlook India ranked it at 19th position in their list of best medical colleges in the country. Keeping up with its reputation, the college produces world class doctors every year at a nominal price.

The total fee charged for 5-year MBBS program is INR 387,500 and is further divided in the following manner.

  • Year 1- INR 77,500
  • Year 2- INR 77,500
  • Year 3- INR 77,500
  • Year 4- INR 77,500
  • Year 5- INR 77,500

5. Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai

This institute was made and run by fellow Indian under the British Raj in 1921. Offering commendable training in more than 25 medical courses, getting into this college for an MBBS degree would be a life changing event for any medical aspirant.

The total fee charged for 5-year MBBS program is INR 444,000 and is further divided in the following manner.

  • Year 1- INR 88,800
  • Year 2- INR 88,800
  • Year 3- INR 88,800
  • Year 4- INR 88,800
  • Year 5- INR 88,800

6. Osmania Medical College

Established in 1846, this institute has produced doctors that are now associated with international organizations such as WHO, UNICEF and Rockefeller Foundation. The institute is home to the renowned Indian Institute of Medicine, founded by Dr. D.V. Subba Reddy in 1957. The college is on number 20 in India today’s list of best medical colleges.

The total fee charged for 5-year MBBS program is INR 600,000 and is further divided in the following manner.

  • Year 1- INR 120,000
  • Year 2- INR 120,000
  • Year 3- INR 120,000
  • Year 4- INR 120,000
  • Year 5- INR 120,000

7. Maharaja Agrasen Medical College, Agroha

Established in 1994, MAMC is new compared to many colleges on this list but is among the top league colleges in the country and the best in the state of Haryana. Getting into this college is extremely difficult as it accepts only the best and takes in just 100 candidates into MBBS program to train and turn them into exceptional doctors.

The total fee charged for 5 year MBBS program is INR 1,020,100 and is further divided in the following manner.

  • Year 1- INR 232,820
  • Year 2- INR 196,820
  • Year 3- INR 196,820
  • Year 4- INR 196,820
  • Year 5- INR 196,820

All the colleges mentioned above accept students through NEET and are in full gear to take in a fresh bunch of students to turn them into foremost medical practitioners.

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