ITunes 11 Keyboard Shortcuts For Convenience
Post on 08,January 2013   11:00 AM
By - Mr. David Madhan
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Apart from the common arrow key navigation and space bar to start and stop playback song, there are a several other keyboard shortcuts in iTunes 11 that could be used to support the navigation.

After the release of innovative iTunes 11, a many convenient keyboard shortcuts have been incorporated that allows quick mode to manage playback, navigate the windows, or otherwise deal with some of iTunes' common features. As with most programs, multiple shortcuts are incorporated in the application's menus for the keyword fancy users. However, along with these there are some hidden shortcuts which are going to be user friendly.

Clear play queue

While playing songs in iTunes, we generally use the space bar to start and stop a song; however, this does not fully stop playback of the songs in queue. Instead, it functions as a pause command -- when we press t it again, the song resumes where it left off. If we need to like to stop the playback of the current song in the play queue you can "cancel" it by using the common "Command-period" keyboard shortcut for cancel operations in OS X. A variation on this is to press the space bar followed by the right-arrow key to select the next song without playing it.

Select sections in iTunes

iTunes organizes content into TV Shows, Books, Apps, Music, Movies, and other categories based on what user have bought from the iTunes store or what they have added to their library. User can select these areas of iTunes by holding the Command key and then typing a corresponding number key:

Command-1 = Music

Command-2 = Movies

Command-3 = TV shows

Command-4 = Podcasts

Command-5 = iTunes U

Command-6 = Books

Command-7 = Apps

Adding songs to Up-Next

One of the changes in iTunes 11 is the "Up Next" feature. If one holds the Option key down, a plus button will appear next to the song under the mouse cursor. If clicked, this will put the song in the Up-Next queue. In addition user can simply press Option-Enter to add a selected song to the queue. This is quite convenient in searching and browsing the library with the arrow keys.

Above shortcut step does not work with multiple file selections. If one have to select more than one song and press the Option key, they required to do all show a plus button; however, then press Option-Enter or click the plus button, only the first selection will be added to the Up Next queue. This may be a bug in the program or an upcoming feature, but currently is not an implementation in iTunes 11.

Enable keyboard control for "All controls"

By default, Apple provides keyboard support only for interactive controls that includes text boxes and buttons. However, user has the facility to enable keyboard commands for all controls by pressing Control-F7 or selecting the "All Controls" radio button in the Keyboard system preferences. This offers to tab through multiple toolbar and window elements and activate them with the space bar. In iTunes, this enables the user to tab through the play and fast-forward buttons, the volume control, the Up Next menu, and the sidebar and its menus, among other window elements.

Custom shortcuts

iTunes built-in options are quite useful , user can also assign custom shortcuts to various menu items in iTunes for frequently used controls that do not have a default shortcut. This can be done for any application using the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab in the OS X Keyboard system preferences.


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