5 Monsoon Destinations In India
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Just after the summers, monsoons arrive to give us a sensation of relief and relaxation. Along with the rain, monsoons bring cool and pleasant winds which can deliver to our senses and it also makes the landscape to glow and show off their bright colors. Monsoon is, literally, that one season which marks its presence with a subtle calmness in the winds and moments to relish.

No matter where you live, monsoons are surely the best season and is awaited eagerly by Indians. From a long time, monsoons are celebrated by performing various traditions and rituals including folk dances and folk songs.

If you think that monsoon is an off-season and you cannot visit any place then you are very wrong. Therefore, instead of being trapped in a traffic jam here are the best five places to visit this monsoon that can give you adventure and relief. Below are some essentials regards to what are these monsoon special places, have a deep dig!


Planning a weekend getaway from Bangalore? Or from your region? Coorg is one of those places in India that receive maximum rainfall and is often referred to as Scotland of India. It I located in the Karnataka’s the Western Ghats but from last few years, it has become one of the most famous honeymoon destinations. You can also visit a coffee plantation in Coorg, as there are many of them.

Coorg offers pilgrimage center like Talakaveri where Kaveri River leaves Brahmagiri Hills and Omkareshwar Temple. If you want to see the nature more closely and witness its beauty then you can also spend some time in Nagarhole National Park.

All the forests and fields of Coorg give an impression of being covered in breathtaking greenery. The natives of Kodava offers enough motivation while walking in the greenery it holds. You can also hear the gurgling sound made by streams running near you. Take out your travel bags and fling into the meadows of this beautiful place.


As history always has a story to tell, you can also get away with your story in the moments spent in Mandu. Mandu is famous for its love story of the last sultan of Malwa, Baz Bahadur with the princess Rani Roopmati. Vindhya Range’s crest is where Mandu rests and it stands on the rocky belt covered with greenery. In the daytime, this place attracts tourists from all over the world and throughout the year. However, during monsoon, all the buildings including doors and windows gain a rusty red tint. Mandu also inherits the country’s first ever-built marble monument. This historic monument is the tomb of Malwa’s second king Hoshang Shah. While you are in Mandu, do not miss the chance to enter in the courtyard of Roopvati’s pavilion. In the courtyard, you feel the romance in the aura of the place because of kharmours and peacocks roaming in the lawns.


Goa has always been the perfect party destination for people of every age mainly because of the beaches it possess. Nevertheless, Goa is lot more than just beaches. You can just sit back and enjoy the Goan food in various restaurants or you can also take a quick look at the colonial past present in Goa. During monsoons, beaches are the last place to visit but in Goa, you can find many more things to do. You can also entertain yourself by attending the feats of Saint Peter and Paul that is celebrated in starting week of July. In this festival, locals participate by performing plays, and sing songs on the boat while sailing. If you are more adventurous by nature then you can witness the Bonderam Flag Festival at the end of August. It is a fierce festival held on Divar islands that are near the Panjim’s coast. This festival is based on the protests held by the locals against Portuguese and involves mock fights.

Valley of Flowers

As soon as the rain starts, the valley of flowers in Uttarakhand comes to life too. Monsoons i.e. July and August are the perfect time to visit and witness the jaw-dropping nature’s beauty. This place is again is a like for adventure lovers as you will have to trek 13 to 15 kilometers on the steep mountain to reach there. The Himalayan range offers over 300 different varieties of flowers. When these flowers are in full bloom this place, looks like a carpet of bright colors. The snow-covered mountains in the background look like a canvas on which different colors are painted and this overall view is mesmerizing and breathtaking. It is a national park whose view is not be neglected and it includes blue corydalis, wild roses, geraniums, delphiniums, red potentillas and many more.


For most of the peoples of Mumbai, this place is just a boring place to visit because of the frequent getaway to Lonavala. But, no matter what this place still manages to be the favorite place of the majority. Although this place gets crowded with all the tremendous number of people coming straight away from the nearest cities. This hill station offers the lush greenery which breached by the white rushing water. This has become a popular destination to witness rainfall as it holds up many waterfalls and while reaching here by road or by train, you will witness some en route. Lonavala is equally far from Mumbai and Pune and if you are planning a road trip then avail various myles coupon code to save you from all the hassles.

When it is about monsoon, it is about the sweet fragrance in the soil, the florals of beauty and that soothing atmosphere. Not all the vacation destinations provide such a magical aura to your body and mind. This time, calm your senses by running away from the hustle of everyday life and escape into a rather magnificent descent. So, choose your destination and get going with the chores for a perfect trip because while escaping from life, you are actually making life.

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