How To Tell Better Stories With Your IG And Youtube Videos
Post on 05,March 2020   6:55 PM
By - PolyEyes Staff
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You may be thinking to yourself, why should I tell a story with my Instagram video? People view both my Youtube videos and Instagram vids. After I buy Instagram views for $1.00, my vids attract organic followers. They just want to see me talk or they just want to see my animations. In fact, same thing happens after I buy cheap instagram likes for my IG account posts. Same story with my Youtube channel. You might be asking, why bother with stories?

Fair enough. But here’s the problem. If you don’t think you’re telling stories, you’re probably doing it wrong. You see, a story is really just a way of organizing information so the human brain can make full sense of it. You can’t just create a video that is just a random recording of all sorts of inputs and representations of ideas.

People wouldn’t know how to handle that kind of video. So there has to be some sort of organization. You have to start somewhere, develop that, develop the middle, and then end or conclude. Your video also has to refer to things and ideas outside of it. This is how you craft a video that makes sense.

Now, even at that level, that’s not enough. You also have to organize the information so it appeals to people’s emotions and they know what to do. You have to give them enough information so they will feel that they know how to react to your video.

I know this sounds complicated because it is. So the good news is that you just have to wrap your mind around the concept of being a better storyteller. This is where script control is crucial. This plays a big role in growing your Instagram video views. It is equally important with Youtube videos.

Incorporate consistency into your script

Your script has to be consistent throughout. What this means is that your attitude towards your subject matter, as well as the previous things you’ve talked about regarding your niche, has to be present in your current script.

A lot of YouTube video creators are clueless about this. They think that they can just crank out one video after another. It’s as if they are throwing spaghetti at a wall. Well, you’re more than welcome to do that. But let me tell you, your channel is not going to be consistent. It’s not going to grow with power and appeal with every video you produce.

How can it? You’re basically talking from different sides of your mouth each time you produce a video. So, a little bit of consistency can definitely go a long way when it comes to building your channel’s brand.

Always engage your audience

By engaging your audience, I’m not talking about saying, “Hey guys, smash the like button” or “click the bell icon so you can get notified of my latest updates.” You should be doing that already. That’s not calling people to action. That’s just a simple reminder.

By calling people to action, I’m talking about emotions. You see, people would like to think that we’re all reasonable and rational that we use logic, proportion, and math to make decisions. But you know and I know, that’s not true.

If you want somebody to make a decision, appeal to their emotions. That’s how you should call people to action. People must be able to tell, from the tone of your voice and how excited you speak, that you really care.

This has to be passionate. This has to come from somewhere that’s real, that they can identify with. Do you see where I’m coming from? Also, it has to be authentic. Now, a lot of people have all sorts of ideas regarding what authenticity is.

To me, authenticity is all about spontaneity. So if it’s obvious that you’re just reading through a script, or you’re just laboring through the fine intricacies of an outline, you’re missing the point. Your video is going to be tone-deaf. It’s going to go far but fall short.

Instead, you have to speak from the heart. You have to improvise. For example, in this article, I’m improvising based on key solid points. But a lot of it is drawn from experience and how passionate I am for solving those issues that I’ve experienced in the past.

I want you to succeed. And you can tell from my choice of words and the sub-topics that I have addressed in this article. Your voice and your image choices should do the same for your videos. That’s how you control the conversation. That’s how you put the stamp of your brand on your video. Ultimately, it’s your brand that will draw others to your channel.


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