Nike NFL Uniform Details With All New Technology
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New York, Apr, 4: The colors of the uniform, design of the logos and the splashy lime green of Seattle's fancy New Jersey's was on spotlight when famous brand Nike unveiled the new NFL uniforms on Tuesday in New York.

The uniform was made with the new technology by Nike that employing for the New jerseys, and there are several subtle changes that fans won't see that players will appreciate.

"Our overall approach in just about anything we make is 'How can we make this lighter? How can we make it perform better?'" Nike Creative Director for Football Todd Van Horne told the media on Tuesday.

To that extent, Nike has done some serious changes to the uniforms relative to their predecessors amongst them an elimination of double-layered padding over the shoulders to make the shoulders pads lighter and more streamlined for the players.

"Some of those materials that were two-layered -- like the existing over-the-shoulder panels were two layers and were non-stretch," Van Horne said. "So we thought if we could make it stretch material and make it a single layer and still have the same strength, why wouldn't we want to do that?"

Apart from this Nike looking to create more innovative padding on the uniforms -- fans will feel marginally raised and indented thigh padding in addition to padding on the back side of the pants.

"It's just a level of slight protection so it's still flexible where you get the heel clips and/or from opposing players from their studs that can slow you," Van Horne said. "Nothing to slow you down."

Speed, Comfort, flexibility and weight are the aspects that Nike's had tried with these products over the years. And it was clear from the players' reactions that they got precisely that with the 2012 jersey update.

"The uniform is great man," Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz said. "It's comfortable, it's light, it feels good to wear."

The change in the uniform as the comfort perspective isn't just in the jersey and the pads, though. It goes all the way down to the socks because the previous version of the sock was "just a tube" and the Nike's latest rendition is a game changer in terms of how it works for the athletes themselves.


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