Prime Dubai Locations For Living Comfortably
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Dubai is famous for its distinctive areas for family living, providing the capabilities and infrastructure necessary for a life full of luxury. In this article, Starling Properties presents you with the top places to live in Dubai!

What are the best places in Dubai for a living?

1. Mirdif: The Mirdif area is among the best quiet areas in Dubai, suitable for comfortable living. Because the section known as Shorooq is an area for villas, and the section known as Ghoroob is an area for apartments. Green areas, sports fields and many other advantages are available in the two areas. 

In addition, the area is close to Dubai International Airport, Dubai Festival City, and Deira and I being adjacent to Mirdif City Center. That contains the most important needs of the individual in his daily life. 

Mirdif came first as the most popular area for renting affordable villas in Dubai during the first half of 2022.

2. Jumeirah: The Jumeirah area is one of the best places in Dubai for living, ranked second as the most popular area for renting luxury villas in Dubai during the first half of 2022.

We found the Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), which consists of 36 towers. It has a view of the Arabian Gulf shore, with the “JBR” walk”; it is the first market overlooking the sea in Dubai. It is also considered a haven for families wishing to live in a place with green spaces, game areas, sports clubs, etc. On the plaza floor, as well as high-end restaurants and cafes on the walkway, in addition to the future "Dubai Tram" passing near the project.

The opening of "The Page" adds to the area many new retail outlets, restaurants and cafes, and soon the area will host "Ain Dubai". That is the largest air wheel in the world on "Water Blue" Island, located off the beach of the "JBR".

3. Arabian Ranches: When discussing the best places in Dubai, we recall a recent report issued by a website specializing in real estate research, monitoring the areas with the highest returns in renting villas in Dubai.

The "Arabian Ranches 3" area came in the first rank, as it is classified among the largest gated villa complexes in the emirate of Dubai. It has 5 main entrances and a luxurious set of basic facilities, such as the mosque and other service and recreational facilities like a cricket field, 15 sports fields, and one park.

The report above indicated that the average price per square foot of villas in “Arabian Ranches 3” amounted to about 992 dirhams, with a return on investment reaching about 8.31%. In comparison, the average price of villas reached 2.74 million dirhams. 

The report indicated that the price of 3-bedroom villas in the region is about 1.964 million dirhams, while 4-bedroom villas are 4.178 million dirhams. 

The report pointed out that "Arabian Ranches 3" provides many distinguished services and facilities.

As for the most popular areas for buying luxury villas in the first half of 2022, Arabian Ranches came first. Regarding the areas that achieve the highest return on real estate investment in villas in Dubai, the “Arabian Ranches 2” area ranked third with 6.12%. 

4. Dubai Hills Estate: Dubai Hills Estate ranked second in the most popular areas for buying luxury villas in Dubai during the first half of 2022, behind the Arabian Ranches area, which came first, as previously mentioned.

In another context, Dubai Hills came third as the most popular area for renting luxury villas in Dubai during the first half of 2022, behind Al Barsha, which came first, and Jumeirah, which came second. 

5. Downtown Dubai: Shopaholics and those wishing to settle in Dubai, and those intending to visit it for the first time are advised to live in the Downtown area (Downtown Dubai). It is the vibrant heart of Dubai, has everything that residents, tourists, and visitors need, and is among the best Dubai living areas.

Dubai is like the major cities of the world. The first thing that comes to the mind of the one who comes to it is to go to the downtown area because it has the most prominent tourist attractions. Like:- Burj Khalifa, one of the most famous landmarks in Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain, the Burj Park Dubai Aquarium, which reminds us of the various water games, as well as the Aquatic Zoo, in addition to the Dubai Circuit.

Downtown Dubai ranked second in the most popular areas for buying luxury apartments in Dubai during the first half of 2022, while Palm Jumeirah ranked third.

Regarding rents during the first half of 2022, Downtown Dubai ranked second among Dubai's most popular areas for renting luxury apartments.

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6. Palm Jumeirah : When we review the best places for living in Dubai, there is no doubt that we will offer to mention this unique landmark built by man, an island in the form of a palm tree with palm leaves in the sea. This island includes the finest hotels and the most beautiful international resorts overlooking the seaside. 

The Palm Jumeirah area, behind the Arabian Ranches, ranked third in Dubai's most popular areas for buying luxury villas during the first half of 2022. That came first, and the Dubai Hills Estate area came second.

About the areas most in demand for luxury apartments in Dubai during the first half of 2022. The Palm Jumeirah area ranked third behind the Dubai Marina areas, and the Downtown Dubai area (Downtown) came second. 

7. Mudon area: Dubai Properties established Mudon to be a distinct and well-protected residential area. This project is planned to be three times its current size, as the basic plan includes developing areas similar to a group of the most prominent 5 Arab cities with a long history: Damascus, Baghdad, Beirut, Cairo, and Marrakesh. That made (the Modon area) a large area within the Emirate of Dubai and not just a residential complex surrounded by walls that guarantee privacy and security!

The distinctive Mudon area properties are located on the outskirts of the Dubailand desert at the intersection of Al Qudra and Emirates Streets (E611).

Mudon's strategic location and distinctive housing options will make the area one of the most popular areas and residential complexes for buying villas in the Emirate of Dubai.

8. Motor City 

Union Properties developed Motor City Dubai to be the first district of its kind in the country as it is a haven for individuals, business owners, families, and car enthusiasts together, as it is a residential, commercial, and entertainment area at the same time. That makes it one of the best residential areas in Dubai and the focus of attention of many. It includes the Dubai Autodrome, a motor racing circuit.

There are many positives about living in Motor City Dubai. For this, you will notice that it includes a huge group of residents of different nationalities and age groups. It also provides suitable real estate for everyone and entertainment destinations that meet the various requirements of residents and visitors alike, in addition to the location of Motor City Dubai near tourist destinations.

Dubai and its most prominent and famous areas, such as Dubai Sports City and Dubai Studio City. Therefore, living or moving to Motor City is reasonable, as it is self-contained and includes all the facilities that residents need, such as entertainment centres, hospitals, schools, parks, and others.

Choose your unique residential property that suits your budget with Starling Properties Real Estate.

Investors are keen - to start a safe and successful investment - to resort to reliable and experienced companies in the investment market.

In this regard, Frank Vitto CEO at Starling Properties Real Estate Company in Dubai; provides its services to investors wishing to own property and those looking for the best place in Dubai for living through all stages of real estate investment in Dubai.

Starting from real estate consultations, assistance in finding the right property. Passing through providing everything necessary to complete the real estate ownership process and ending with various after-sales services. For more information, you can contact us through our official accounts.


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