The Global Impact Of K-pop
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Remember the time when Beetles, Michael Jackson, and Nirvana would rule the entertainment world? Well, guess who is ruling the entrainment industry now? Most of us would say BTS. Well, you guess it right. The Korean entertainment industry is on the rise and they have proved to be unstoppable. So far, they have not just dominated the cosmetic and aesthetic industry but also the music and entertainment industry.

The evidence of this dominance can be traced by looking at content streaming sites. Almost all content streaming sites have K-dramas. Moreover, cable TV companies are also offering Korean content in their content streaming library. If you are looking for a good cable TV brand offering the best channel lineup and content streaming library, we recommend Optimum Altice.

Let us now dig a little deeper into the K-pop industry and how it is going to impact the world of entrainment. Our goal is to get a clear picture away from the rosy-tinted glasses that most of the fans wear while looking at their idols.

Why Korean Industry Is Taking the Lead ?

After offering consistent hits and getting the audience hooked, the Korean industry has its eyes on the crown. Gone are the days when Hollywood was considered a trendsetter in entertainment, now the world is looking at South Korean entrainment companies for launching the next big trend.

With perfectly sharp jawlines, mesmerizing moves, and pitch-perfect voices, the world of K-pop has introduced us to trends that we did not even know we needed. Now, the world of music is more than voice control and good vocals, you need to dance, write lyrics and produce music. Moreover, you also need to be good-looking to pull the crowd with your charisma.

Every year thousands of students leave their hometowns and are scouted by the big entrainment industries in South Korea. These companies raise these kids, offering them singing lessons, dancing lesson along training them for PR and press. After debut, these singers are handled and monitored by companies and mentors.

In most cases, the K-pop industry is seen as a perfect entertainment plan drawing in more audience and feeding the fantasy of the fans. However, if you observe this industry closely you will realize that it has a very dark side that is stifling for the pop stars and extremely damaging for the fragile minds of the fans.

Top 5 Evidence to Prove K-Pop Has a Global Impact

1.    Increase in Tourism

Thanks to K-pop and K entertainment, more people are considering Korea as their next holiday destination. This is helping the country to boost its tourism industry and bring in more revenue. In a country where almost 40 families hold the biggest chunk of the wealth, the rise of tourism can be a great equalizer helping the general population to earn better.

2.    Increase in Learning the Korean language 

Another industry that has seen a rise is the education industry. For the longest, we have seen English as the international language where the majority of the population has worked on their English skills. However, things are changing now and Korean entrainment is helping in unwinding the longest colonial rule within the cultural and entertainment industry.

3.    Getting Global Recognition

K-pop is getting global recognition, which is also seeping into the other part of the industry. This is also helping Korea to get into the spotlight. So far, the K-pop industry has successfully worked as a diplomat in multiple domains. From United Nations to the World Bank, Korean entrainment is seen as a revolutionary force that is exemplary. Moreover, the K-pop revolution is studied in different communication and degree programs and taught to the students.

4.    Rise in GDP

Korea has seen bad days but thanks to K-pop Korea is now seeing an improvement in its economy. For the longest, Korea was famous for its technology and automobile industry and lack the social image that was needed to draw attention from the global audience. However, thanks to K-pop soft image and diplomatic ties are improving which is eventually helping in boosting the GDP.

After the automobile industry, tech, and electronics, entrainment inductee is the biggest contributor to the Korean GDP. This might not seem like a big deal for most but in a country suffering from domestic debt issues, this can be life-changing.

5.    Awareness of Mental Health

Unfortunately, where K-pop has a huge impact on the economy and fashion industry as a whole, it also has impacted the mental health of a lot of people. So far, the K-pop industry is notorious for the highest death rate due to suicide. The past few years have proved that mental health issue is prevalent in the younger generation giving rise to suicide trends.

Most people blame the strict rules of the industry and prevalent lowliness for suicide while others claim that the concept of the idol is flawed to its core. Most celebrities are bullied and stalked leading them to commit suicide while others feel suffocated and pressurized due to high standards. This prevalent trend has brought mental health issues into the spotlight helping more people to accept and talk about these issues.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that K-pop is helping brining big bucks back home but it is done at the expense of young people who are exploited by big entertainment companies. However, for the first time world of K-pop has seen a shift thanks to the law enforcement authorities working for the well-being of the artists.

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