Every great budget plan starts with the person realizing the need to budget and manage finances. Much like in the steps in addiction recovery, the most critical step is to realize that a problem exists.
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Steps on How to Budget Your Finances
Every great budget plan starts with the person realizing the need to budget and manage finances. Much like in the steps in addiction recovery, the most critical step is to realize that a problem exists.... Read more
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#Cancel6thJPSC Trending on Social Media
In the wake of recent blunder, the students whose time and labor put on stake turned out against the JPSC on social media. Protest against JPSC misdeeds in trending on twitter, facebook and other online platforms with #CancelJPSC6TH.... Read more

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BPSC Mains Cut off Past trend

Bihar Public Service Commission successfully conducted the mains examination for the recruitment of 700 plus prime job in the offices of state government. In 42nd BPSC against 270 vacancy 701 was the cut off. In 43rd BPSC against 44 vacancy 718 was the cut off.

Bihar Child Development Project Officer Recruitment Update

Bihar Child Development Project Officer Recruitment Update. Exam for this vacancy is expected to be held in the month of January, 2017. As of now there is no as such update available by BPSC regarding the syllabus for CDPO exam. As per the request of our esteemed follwers, Here below

New Twist In UPSC 2014 Exam- GOI Asks UPSC To Postponed 2014 IAS Prelims Exam

New Twist In UPSC 2014 Exam- GOI Asks UPSC To Postponed 2014 IAS Prelims Exam. The order came in response of the civil services aspirants who are on fast and soughing scrapping of the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT). A group of students staged a protest on Sunday outside the residence of Rajnath

Download BPSC 56TH-59TH Prelims Admit Card From www.bpsc.bih.nic.in

Download BPSC 56TH-59TH Prelims Admit Card From www.bpsc.bih.nic.in. BPSC ongoing recruiting drive is for 746 officers. The prelims will be conducted on 15th March 2015. The download link of BPSC 56TH-59TH Prelims Admit Card will available at website www.bpsc.bih.nic.in.

6TH Heart of Asia Conference A Detailed Overview

In total there are 14 member countries: Afghanistan (permanent chair) Azerbaijan, China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and UAE. Supported by almost 20 other countries including United States and over 13 international organizations. Amritsar Decla

BPSC 66TH Prelims Test Series Details

10 Bilingual (in Hindi & English) Full Tests for BPSC 2020-21. It takes only Rs 830/- i.e. You pay only Rs 830/- when you register for BPSC 2020-21. Attractions : Unique Analysis of students prowess based on Test Papers designed in close simulation to original exam papers.

BPSC 56th-59th Mains General Studies PAPER II Questions

BPSC 56th-59th Mains General Studies PAPER II Questions. 1. Discuss about the fundamental Rights as enshrined in the Indian Constitution. How has the judicial interpretations of Article 21 expanded the scope of Right to Life? 2. Examine he role of Caste in electoral politics of India.To what

Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) 2016-17 Prelims Expected Cut-off

In order to short list for mains examination, Bihar Public Service Commission (BSPSC) has successfully conducted 2016-17 Prelims on February 12, 2017. After detailed scrutiny of the BPSC 2016-17 Prelims paper Team PolyEyes has concluded the expected cut off.

Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) 2014-15 Prelims Expected Cutt-off

Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) 2014-15 Prelims Expected Cutt-off

Know Your Presidents Legislative Powers

It is the president who preserves, protects and defends the constitution. As he himself maintains the constitution, he is not answerable to any court, nor can any criminal proceedings be instituted against him.
Prelims Online Test Series
JPSC 7TH Prelims Test Series Registration Link

BPSC 2020 (66TH) PRELIMS Test Series

Most Recent Comments

Sir I've lost my admit card and I also forget my roll no

Please  help me in other ways 

by Vivek Tigga

Dear Sir,

After login when i click on attempt button to take test a error msg show "Test series ended", plesae resolve this issue.

by Tarani Kumar

sir, my name is SWARUP ANAND, my DOB- 01/03/1984, my father’s name- SANTOSH KUMAR SRIVASTWA. I have loss my admit card. Please tell my roll number.


nice information

by Gulshan

BPSC mains 56th-59th me Roll No. 119040 pass hai aur PT me fail. Mahabhrstachar hai. pls see it must


I am thankful for PolyEyes for most authentic Online BPSC Test Series. These Test are life support for working Aspirant.

by Rahul Ranjan

sir please tell the authenticity of this news .there is no such news on bpsc website and i heard 17 june as the exam date .please clarify the doubt

by Pushkar Verma

r u providing test for BPSC in HINDI medium ?

plz intimate me through emails about BPSC test packages and details of packages and its rate. how many test and when it will be taken plz send details about ur package plans.

by Rajeev Ranjan Kumar

Yes Test is available in Hindi as well English and Total Number of Test and Registration details already given above

by Help Desk

Best thing im loving about This Test series is its Explanation part. Crisp and to the Point. Thanku Polyeyes.

by Tirath Sukla
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