1.Is it difficult to add the seal to my site?
A.Not at all! Once your membership is approved you will be sent an email with a small snippet of code and instructions on how to add it. It's a small bit of HTML that should be very easy to add.
2.How long does it take to become a member?
A.Once you signup it usually takes between 12 and 24 hours to receive your welcome email that includes instructions for adding the seal to your site.
3.Will the seal work on my secure (HTTPS) pages?
A.Absolutely. The link in the HTML code is fully secured by our SSL Certificate so if does not cause the annoying security warnings for your users.
4.Do you offer your seal to international merchants?
A.Yes! All merchants are free to join as long as they are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service.
5.Can I offer your seal on my gambling site?
A.No, we do not offer our seal to any gambling or betting sites. We reserve the right to restrict membership from any site we deem unfit.
6.Do you offer programs for providers of customer service tools online?
A.Sure! If you're interested in promoting your service please contactFaq Management us.