Tips To Make Your Customer Support Emails Warm And Cute
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Everyone who works in customer support might face the problem of sounding a bit cold and formal in written conversation. The things you write sometimes don’t reflect your personality.

Trying to look professional in customers’ eyes isn’t bad at all, but many of us write business emails in a style that seems a lot less friendly than we might realize.

Therefore, we want to suggest a few ways to make your customer support emails more attractive to recipients.

Follow these simple tips to warm up your emails and see how recipients react.

Tip #1: Use a friendly photo in an email signature

People don’t like to be treated by a certain company as a faceless customer mass. So if you want to personalize your communication with the client and create a trustful relationship, the best way to do it is by showing your smiling face. Adding your picture at the bottom of an email, namely in your signature, gives the recipient a feeling of personal touch.

Choose a nicely lit, sharp photo, and crop it properly. People should clearly see your face. See the example of a good customer support email footer below.

You can create your own customized email footer using dedicated email signature software. It’s easy to use and free.

Tip #2: Create a font signature

Another way to improve the perception of an email is a creative approach to your email signature. A standard font might look boring and can merge with the main message. Create font signatures with the following things in mind. Firstly, a strict format is a good option for a more conservative audience, while a more frivolous one can be applied for the entertaining company. Secondly, don’t overdo with the fonts. Sometimes, the less is more.

Tip #3: Use GIFs

Animated images can also serve your purpose to catch and retain the reader's attention. Similar to using emojis, GIFs convey certain emotions and are perceived easier than text. However, be sure not to overdo it. In some situations, GIFs can cause anger and irritation instead of a smile. 

Tip #4: Write short and simple sentences

Just imagine how many messages your client receives daily, except for phone calls, house chores, and job obligations. Nobody wants to waste their precious time reading long, complicated emails. Unless you capture attention from the first sentences or even words, you could not do it further. Cut long sentences and simplify your ideas as much as possible for your email to be read and acted on. 

On top of that, consider using dividers, bulleted points, numbered lists, and infographics when appropriate.

Be careful with jargon and abbreviations to avoid confusion and customer anger. You should be helpful, not witty and wise. 

Tip #5: Add some kind jokes

People have enough serious issues that they are worried about. When you insert a few funny stories that lighten their mood, evoke positive emotions, or make them laugh, it is more likely that you reach your goal.

The reason for this is the direct influence on people's subconscious - part of the brain that is responsible for making decisions. So a good joke often turns a biased or hostile attitude into friendly communication.

Just like with GIFs, be cautious and know when jokes are inappropriate.

Tip #5: Include links to your support guides

The more value you give to the client, the better feedback you receive. Therefore, attach useful links to reliable resources that can not only save people's time but also help solve the problem in the most convenient way. 

But please, don’t be that type of customer support people that send tons of links to FAQs and other resources without even trying to understand the issue. Provide only relevant links to help your customer.

Tip #6: Ask recipients to evaluate your performance

Request for evaluation demonstrates your openness, desire to improve the company’s service and care for clients. It also means that you are not indifferent to your clients' needs and wants.

Remember that one of the crucial means of engaging your email recipients into taking the time to evaluate your service is letting them know that their opinion is valuable and taken into account. Try to emphasize the impact of their feedback on your business and future interactions with customers. 

Tip #7: Send surveys

Many companies use a questionnaire with short, simple questions so that customers can help them grow and improve. 

Don’t ask them to write too much. Simple questions that require simple answers work best. 

Tip #8: Respond as soon as possible

We all hate waiting. The longer the customer waits to get your help, the more likely it is that they will take that complaint to some public platform.

Also, when you respond, they might be very angry and dislike your email no matter what you write and how helpful you are. 

Extra tip: Don't take an angry customer email to heart. Sometimes, a person is so upset that they find no other way than to show you all the frustration via email. Take the time to cool down and write a positive response. This is what being a true professional means.

Final words

The tone and manner of supporting emails as well as appealing format make a difference for both support representatives and clients. The main point is to stay humane. Also, there are some essential things to remember. See them below.

  • Try to reply as soon as possible. This single fact might set the tone for the entire conversation;
  • Use a friendly photo in your professional email signature and include it with every email you send. People like knowing who they deal with;
  • Experiment with fonts in your signature to improve the perception of your customer support email;
  • Use GIFs when appropriate but not too many in one email;
  • Strive for shorter sentences. Make good use of white space, bulleted points, numbered lists, and so on;
  • Add some kind of jokes when you feel this is appropriate;
  • Include links to your support guides. Customers might find this info very helpful. Plus, you save time;
  • Send uncomplicated surveys. Ask what they think about your performance. And let them know that their opinion matters.

Description: These simple tips will help you make your support emails warmer to promote strong relationships with your customers.

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