Guaranteed Success In CAT With These Strategies
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Common Admission Test is considered as a highly acclaimed online entrance test which can either build an insanely successful career or can deem it as an average affair. It is conducted by 20 IIMs on a rotational basis for admission to the prestigious IIMs and more than 90% other B-schools that accept its score.

It has been garnered as the most elite B-school entrance test to get into coveted MBA schools. Every year millions of students strive hard to score a brilliant percentile to make a rewarding career. CAT is deemed tough primarily because of the competition level as millions of applicants appear for it each year.

However, there are still a few genuine and full proof strategies which can make an aspirant score highly in their entrances. To score exceptionally well we need to break down the different aspects of our preparation and device strategies.

Preparing for CAT 2018 can be divided into two stages. Then can be categorized into long-term and a more focused and in-depth short-term strategy.

1. Long-term Strategy

‘Drum roll please’!

It is time to work on your skills on a personality based level. The improvement has to be inculcated at the grass root level. If your personality is developed, it goes a long way to help you get through the examination with a positive outlook. A few of the ways by which you can improve and enhance your personality are as follows:

Reading Books

Reading books can go a long way in shaping up a personality. A person gets a different outlook and is exposed to the world in a well-developed manner. Reading books based on history, philosophy, personality development go a long way in developing a well-rounded individual. It gives the aspirants an ounce of worldly knowledge which study-booksmight not provide.

Playing Mind Challenging Games

Sharpening the brain is a very important exercise. Playing challenging games such as Chess, Sudoku, Clash Royale and even some card games for that matter, these games can help the CAT aspirant re-learn concepts such as observing every aspect of a situation, learning new strategies, working on planning manoeuvres. Playing these games can increase one’s concentration power, meticulousness and even help them learn to pay attention to details. These games act as excellent tools to increase your problem-solving techniques.

Reading Newspapers

Reading good newspapers such as the Herald, The Hindu is an absolutely amazing way to increase you vocabulary stock. People reading newspaper regularly are always better in solving logical reasoning and comprehension questions. Solving crosswords on the newspapers also give an edge to the aspirants. While even listening to good English news channels such as BBC, Al-Jeezera and Times Now can help in developing a balanced individual.

These habits are not to be attained for CAT preparations only. It is to have a positive outlook on life and even in your preparations. It may help you to score better.

2.Short-term Strategy

Short-term strategies work well with a defined timeline and an iron clad plan which has to be followed to the dot. About 4-5 months before the D-day devise a well-executed plan which can help you score a world-defining percentile in the exam. Here are a few tips which can help in the short-term plan:

Daily Test

Daily tests are a good way to induce practice on a regular basis. Try to attempt questions before looking for answers. The daily tests can be done through online or offline method. It will help in improving your exam writing skills and will even improve your speed.

Previous Year Test Papers

It is always a good practice to refer to old question papers that are available. It will prepare the aspirants to understand the pattern of the different years as well as the best way to go about the different sections of the questions. It will give you an edge as the predictable questions can be cracked bang on.

Mock Tests

Mock tests are the most favoured gear to study and crack the exam. Attempt as many online mock tests as possible, it will level the playing field and give you a good idea of that specific year’s question patterns. It will help in increasing accuracy and the precision with which the aspirant can answer the mock tests. In order to get interview calls from the IIMs one needs to clear sectional cutoffs. To help with that, always focus on the weak section of your mock test and try to solve that across before attempting the next one.


It is better to enrol in a coaching institute which can provide a focused set of exams and study materials which will prepare you further. Focus on study packages which can help you smooth your fundamentals and fill in the cracks in your concepts if any.

Online Learning

Online approach towards CAT preparation is a good way to prepare for your entrances. Sometimes traditional learning methods do not help as much as video concepts can. An interactive video can help the brain understand and grasp the situation much better than orthodox learning tools. It will also help the student to play and replay the video to understand the concepts and can be accessed at any given point. Try to choose a study package which can help students clear their doubts with experts supervision and help them revise regularly.

With these detailed strategies, it is hard not to get a good percentile. Get your exam mode on and ace CAT with a great percentile.

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