Military Haircuts: What You Need To Know
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The military has, over time, been a source of inspiration for style and grooming men. But it's not just the military's fashion and physical styles that the world of menswear has adopted. We've also claimed its haircuts as our own. 

The high & tight, short hair length, buzz cut, and trims are so entrenched in modern barbering that it's almost impossible to think of any trendy hairstyle that doesn’t take at least a little traces of influence from one of the military haircuts. 

The military haircuts are popular for a reason. Not only are they neat, easy to maintain, and practical, but they also boast enduring wearability. Go to Livatray and find Top 10 Benefits of Going for a Military Haircut.

Do you consider simple, classic, and clean as your choice of a haircut? In that case, you really should keep on reading to get informed on everything you need to know about the military haircut before you go for one.  Well then, let's dive in.

What you need to know before getting a military haircut

Ever wondered why you feel unsatisfied after getting a haircut? Your barber may not be so good, or very likely because you fail to take some vital things into perspective. 

So, what are the things to consider before getting another haircut?

  • Know your face type
  • Consider your lifestyle
  • Know the length of an ideal military cut

Know your face type 

Research has shown that we have four face types: Square, Oval, Round, and Heart-shaped. Knowing your face type and the style that befits your facial outlook makes the task of choosing a military haircut an easy one. There is always an army haircut to go with all facial features, and the buzz cut for one is known to fit all face types.

Trust me; once you find out and adhere to haircuts suited for your unique look, you'll always walk out of your barber's shop feeling satisfied.

Consider your lifestyle

Just like we need to tend to our body, our hair also requires maintenance. Therefore, you should choose a hairstyle that fits into your lifestyle. The military just so happens to have cuts that are suitable for men from all walks of life.  

Are you a doctor, a teacher, chef, firefighter, who’d rather just shower, get dressed, and head out, or you enjoy visiting your barber often? Well, there's a military haircut just for you. Just consult a good hairstylist, tell them what kind of lifestyle you live, and they will indeed get you an excellent military cut to complement. 

Know how short the military haircuts should be

There are several military haircuts we would talk about soon, but the shortness in length is what they all have in common. The military haircuts are usually no more than two inches in length and, most times, even shorter. 

Now that you've picked a military haircut that suits your face feature and lifestyle, you may want to know what the buzz about the military haircut is, and why you should seriously jump on the trend

Why military haircuts?

There are various perks to enjoy from having a short hairdo, just like someone in the military. The nice fades, cool trims and revealing scalp gives you the perfect gentleman look. But that's not all to it.  Keep scrolling to find out about the shortlist of other benefits rocking military hair cut gives you.

  • Everyone wants to get a second look at you.
  • Doesn’t require much maintenance
  • Require no styling or combing 
  • You can go for a different cut each time.
  • Gives you the relaxed feel

Some famous military haircuts

Do you know your face type now? Have you decided to keep your hair simple and nicely trimmed? Then let's get into some of the cool military haircuts every gentleman should consider this season.

Induction Haircut

Have you ever seen military recruits? Then you must have seen the induction haircut. Typical characteristics of this haircut involve clipped hair with no guard around it, no styling whatsoever, i.e., the hair is trimmed low without shaving the head with a razor. This haircut fits most facial types perfectly. I bet that makes it cool, huh. 

The female recruits also wear the induction haircut, only that the hair cut to their chin's length. 

Burr Cut

The burr cut bears a lot of resemblance to the induction cut. Similar styles, but the burr cut has a hair length that is 1/8 inch higher than that of the induction cut. Burr Cut also requires no styling, just the hair trimmed down at equal height.

High and Tight Cut

The high and tight cut is the typical military haircut, which has the hair trimmed very short across the sides and back while the top is just trimmed to about an inch. This haircut has gained quite the popularity has it just screams badass. 

This cut's simplicity makes it an identity for military guys, both veterans, and active troops. High and tight cut complements guys with a round face, strong bone structure, and a defined jawline. 

Crew Cut

If there is one military haircut that has made it into sports and recreational activities, it's the crew cut. Very popular among sportsmen, it's simple, elegant, and gives a 'serious' look to the person wearing it. And it works for most facial types. 

How do you spot a Crew Cut? 

The sides are trimmed down to the hairline; then the top is trimmed with more hair in front at about an inch longer than the sides and back. It's important to note that the difference between this cut and the High and Tight cut lies in the hair's length at the top of the head.

Flat Top

The flat top is rock-able and carries authority. The Square look and straight lines are unique features of this cut. The top is carefully trimmed to form a flat surface while the sides and back are highly faded.


This article only covers only a few of the famous military haircuts. There are quite a several others you can check out; Regulation cut, Ivy League/Harvard clip, Butch cut, Undercut, to name just a few extra. Military haircuts are all about their simplicity and ease of performing daily activities without your hair getting in the way. 

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