History Of Homeopathic Treatment Online And How It Works
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The medical system, homeopathy, has existed for more than 200 years. It is stated that the concept is derived from the “law of similars,” which was followed by many ancient civilizations such as India. The modern name was also coined by Dr. Hahnemann in 1796, who started experimenting on himself and his family members and followers using the system. He argued that the very diluted number of elements causing the disease could help the body build a resistance to it.

Because of this, there were many criticisms by traditional medicine practitioners because they don’t believe that the negligent amount of disease-causing illness will affect immunity resistance. But, despite all of those, homeopathy continued and gained prominence. In fact, according to research, homeopathic treatment online is increasing in popularity in the United States.

Homeopathy in the US

According to the British Homoeopathic Journal, one of the first institutions that were devoted to this unorthodox medical system was the American Institute of Homeopathy, which was founded at the end of the 19th century. Thus, there is no doubt that there has been a huge following of homeopathy in this country. In fact, it was estimated that the number of patients using homeopathic remedies had risen by 500% in the last seven years!

Nowadays, its prominence is still unfailing because you can see many practitioners who offer homeopathic treatments online. Because of this, it is continuing to be a rising trend among many people.

How does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy is about eradicating causes or symptoms by exposing the human body to trace amounts of disease-causing elements for a long time. This is because one of the many beliefs in homeopathy is that suppressing the illness will not lead to a cure.

Homeopaths believed that consuming high antibiotics or large doses of medication to suppress the symptoms is not the solution. The better alternative would be the eradication of the illness by finding the root of the problem. That is why homeopaths are also doctors who weaken ingredients by adding water or alcohol. They then shake the mixture, which is part of the process known as “potentization.” Through this, they believe the step will transfer the healing essence.

There are also many widespread speculations about homeopathy. These are some of the following:

Silicon Particles - It was observed that when water and homeopathic medicines are shaken together in a glass bottle, a few parts of silicon break off and mix with the medicine. These silicone particles are considered to be the ones helping preserve the nature of the homeopathy medicines.

Pressure Difference - Other theories also include that when the glass bottle is shaken, it creates various pressure inside the unscrewed bottle. This is similar to the pressure that the water surface faces on a mountain top.

Bubbles Formation - This is a really popular theory in which the formation of bubbles after shaking the glass bottle helps make sure that the medicine does not lose its identity in water.

Permanent Cures - Homeopathic practitioners have stated that each person reacts to a disease-causing element because they are susceptible to it. Thus, by introducing safe and trace amounts of the same disease-causing elements, tolerance would increase until they no longer react to the agent. Examples of such illnesses that can be treated are kidney stones, insomnia, and acid reflux, among others. 

With a basic understanding of homeopathic treatments, this might be the time to learn more by getting homeopaths to treat any of your ailments for you. 


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